Hello Mr. Marques: – I’m writing to let you know what an exceptional employee you have in Ms. Gina Maresca. I have been utilizing your agency for a little over 20 years now, and for most of this time Gina has been the person who has handled my accounts and those of my daughter, Cora Lee Owens. I can’t tell you how many times over the years I have contacted Gina about our policies on our homes, rental properties and vehicles. She has always helped us either immediately or within 24 hours, whether I called after hours or during work hours. She has been professional, polite (no matter how frustrated I might have been over something), and efficient. She certainly knows her business and goes out of the way to assist us in a timely manner. I don’t want this to sound like a “run-of-the mill” note about a good employee. I am an attorney and over the years have been very busy with work and family and it has meant so much to me to know that our insurance needs are being taken care of by someone who really has my back and will work to see that what I need is seen to without causing me a lot of time and effort. That is a rare quality in today’s workplaces. So many people at all levels of business seem to try to get out of doing their jobs. That is not Gina. Knowing that she is there for us over all these years, has been a great relief to me when I was working and now while I am retired. As we got rid of our rental properties and had lower funds, she has always treated us the same – with courtesy and kindness. She is a rare gem and we really hope you appreciate what a wonderful employee and person she is. Thank you for having such a great employee and making our lives easier. I’m sure your company runs smoothly because of her efforts.

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